Refirme Wrinkle and Skin Tightening Treatment


How does it work?

ReFirme combines an infrared light source and what’s called a bi-polar radio frequency, two well-established technologies. Together, they work to gently heat the dermis and encourage your skin to produce more collagen. The procedure also works to tighten existing collagen fibers, so your complexion looks instantly firmer and more youthful. 


What kind of results can I expect?

You’ll notice that loose, saggy skin will look much better and your complexion’s surface texture will also improve. Fine lines and superficial wrinkles appear smoothed out and softened as a result of the tissue tightening and contraction. Any lax skin in the jowl area, brows and cheeks will also look firmer and uplifted. This happy result--this instant gratification--is because of the immediate tissue contracture. But as weeks go by you’ll continue to see better and better results, since new collagen is forming and plumping up your complexion. 


How frequently do I need treatments?

Treatments are usually repeated every month for a total of 5 treatments. From there, you’d have 1 or 2 follow up treatments throughout the year to maintain the beautiful results. 


Does it hurt?

The treatment may feel a little warm, but it’s never uncomfortable.


Is it safe?

Yes, ReFirme Wrinkle & Skin Tightening is completely safe. The treatment utilizes well-established, long-proven technologies.


What happens after each treatment?

You might see some temporary pinkness in the skin, but that lasts a very short time. Most clients readily return to work and other normal activities right after the procedure is finished. 


Who should get this service?

It’s an ideal choice if you want to improve the volume, laxity, and sagging of their skin, while diminishing fine lines and helping your complexion look dewy and fresh.  



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