LED Light Therapy


How does it work?

LED stands for light emitting diode, the technical term for a non-laser form of phototherapy. With an LED machine, tiny bulbs emit precise wavelengths of lights that are in the visible and invisible light spectrum.  (The colors of the rainbow) The lights pass through the skin’s top layer, energizing injured cells and stimulating cellular activity beneath the surface. Laboratory studies show that skin cells grow 160-200% more quickly when exposed to certain LED wavelengths.


What kind of results can I expect?

This treatment will give your skin a glowing boost perfect for a pick me up or as a treat for your skin right before a special occasion.


How frequently do I need treatments?

Optimal results are seen with consistent, frequent treatments, followed by a maintenance session every 4-5 weeks.


Does it hurt?

Not a bit! LED light therapy is gentle, painless, safe, noninvasive, nonabrasive…and extremely relaxing!


Is it safe?

This skin-loving treatment is ideally suited to all skin types.


What happens after each treatment?

You’ll see skin looking smoother, more vibrant, plumped up and with a finer overall texture. Blotchy spots will look calmer as redness is diminished. These are all signs of cellular rejuvenation from the light therapy; results are immediate and maintained with regular treatments. 


Who should get this service?

Anyone who wants to look better! LED Light Therapy is a great way to shrink pores, reduce skin redness, boost collagen, eliminate brown spots, minimize the appearance of fine lines and attain a more youthful appearance.  Because LED speeds the cells energy up and we do not recommend this treatment for anyone undergoing skin cancer.



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