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Acne Program


Acne Facial Consultation

The Acne Facial Consultation begins with a complete health history - a rundown of your medications, nutrition, plus the play and work habits that may be impacting skin health. After a thorough analysis, we will evaluate not just your skin type but also your acne type. From there, should you choose to commit to the program, you’ll get a personalized home care routine to follow and we’ll share an abundance of tips and recommendations to achieve healthy, clear skin.


  • A customized program is created just for you to reduce acne and pustules (pimples).


Acne Facial Consultation - $75

* If you decide to commit to our Acne program and receive your first treatment on the same day, the consultation fee is waived. 

Acne Facial Treatment

With this Acne Facial Treatment, the goals are exfoliation, hydration, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and killing bacteria to eliminate future breakouts. The usual timetable is to come in every two weeks for treatment as you work toward the goal of achieving clear skin.


  • Redness and inflammation will be reduced
  • Skin will achieve a healthy rebalance.
  • Future acne breakouts can be minimized with regular treatments



The Acne Program Commitment


Why is it recommended that clients receive facial treatments bi-monthly?

  • It’s helpful to monitor your progress so we can make changes to your home care as needed.
  • Having a professional exfoliation regularly ensures your home-care products will penetrate pores more easily and work more effectively.
  • It’s important to keep your complexion hydrated: This will boost your skin’s receptiveness to a home-care regimen. Since acne products tend to have a drying effect, good hydration is vital as your skin gradually adapts to the products.
  • Any extractions should be done by a professional esthetician. Do not pick! Instead, come in and let us safely extract existing acne impactions. In between acne treatments give us a call and we will do it free!
  • At the time of each visit we will customize your acne facial treatment to focus on your skin’s specific needs which also includes killing bacteria. At times we may propose a hydrating treatment, and at other times an anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action to kill germs that can lead to flare-ups.
  • If your skin is left with any hyperpigmentation from acne lesions, we want to lighten it.


Acne Timeline

Depending on the severity of your acne, it typically takes up to 3-4 months to clear up inflamed acne and it could be up to 6 months for non-inflamed acne. (Before and after pictures of clients will demonstrate the effectiveness of this protocol.) Ideally, this regimen will result in a complexion that’s mostly or completely clear. Happily, too, you can expect to see significant results within just 6 weeks. After we get your acne under control, it’s vital that you keep a commitment to maintain your home-care regimen so skin will remain unblemished. At this second stage, our professional recommendation is that you come in every 4-8 weeks to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Remember, acne is a condition that requires ongoing care and it will always have to be managed.



If you choose to start our acne program, a pledge will be necessary on both our parts. From you, this means a commitment to follow the directions of our protocol exactly... no excuses! To achieve optimal results, you must commit to the program 100%. As for us: We promise to give our full attention and expertise to getting your skin clear, providing you with the safest, most effective products on the market. Working together, our mutual dedication will have beautiful results!

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"I have always struggled with acne. I have been on many different prescriptions such as antibiotics and Accutane but nothing helped. I had thought it was time to accept my troubled skin. Then I found Michelle's Personalized Skincare. I now come here for all my skincare needs and I couldn't be happier!"

 Stephanie, Client