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Client Stories

Bridgett Testimonial Michelle's Personalized Skin Care


My sister Michelle has been taking care of my skin for years - I struggled with acne when I was younger and she completely cured it. But when I turned 38, I had no idea I would need Michelle for a totally different reason. I was diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer. During treatment, the chemo made me very sensitive to cold, my hands were so dry they were painful and the skin on my face was extremely dehydrated. Part of my treatment required a full hysterectomy which caused hormone swings and, in turn, dark pigmentation on my face. I placed my trust in Michelle to do whatever she thought best…

Michelle knew exactly what to do. Mixing a custom-blend of bio-identical vitamins, and making sure my skin’s barrier stayed strong, healthy and hydrated, Michelle made sure my symptoms stayed under control. I actually got compliments on my skin during chemo! The treatment was gentle and relaxing. Climbing into the warm bed with warm hand mitts was wonderful. Michelle made me feel truly cared for.

I am so grateful to Michelle and the care she provided me during my time of need. I am still visiting Michelle on a monthly basis and am confident that she can care for my skin no matter what stage of life!

Stephanie Testimonial Michelle's Personalized Skin Care


My experience at Michelle's Personalized Skincare has truly changed my life! I have always struggled with acne. I have been on many different prescriptions such as antibiotics and Accutane but nothing helped. I had thought it was time to accept my troubled skin.

Then I found Michelle's Personalized Skincare. Valerie helped make a skincare plan best suited for my needs. I often get complimented on my skin, which is something I never thought would happen. Not only have I enjoyed the experience of facials, Valerie's expertise with waxing is really amazing. I now come here for all my skincare needs and I couldn't be happier!

Susan Testimonial Michelle's Personalized Skin Care


I knew Michelle when she was earning her degree in aesthetics. I told her, “If you need someone to practice on, use me!” I'm a self-described skincare beginner in my 60s, I rarely wear makeup, and never had any treatments before. I was amazed at the results Michelle achieved. People tell me all the time, "You don’t look your age!"

Now a steady client, I credit Michelle with a professionalism that extends to every aspect of skincare. She’s designed a very restful treatment environment, she’s always learning about new products, and she’s great at explaining things. Michelle makes it so easy to keep my skin looking great. I feel lucky knowing I’m getting the best possible care.  If you follow Michelle’s advice, you’ll be so pleased. 

Shauna Michelle's Personalized Skin Care


I wouldn’t miss my monthly facial and waxing for anything! As a client of Michelle’s Personalized Skincare since Michelle first opened her doors, I have seen my skin go through a complete metamorphosis. My complexion is prone to redness, and Michelle offers a facial that helps my skin maintain a clearer, more even tone. I just love how it looks and feels.

I live in Corvallis, facial dryness is a problem that occasionally crops up, especially during winter months. I used to just deal with it, but Michelle showed me exactly how to adjust my lotions and cleansers so my skin wouldn’t lose moisture. I am always so impressed with Michelle’s commitment to giving each client such customized care. I’ve been to many different aestheticians, and Michelle is the best.