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ADVANCED Skin Analysis

As a new client, you’ll begin with a personalized Skin Analysis, so our estheticians can determine the best possible Advanced Care Program for you. We use diagnostic tools designed to determine your skin’s precise condition: its hydration level, texture, oil (sebum) levels, and other factors. We will also take note of your diet, lifestyle, medications, genetics, plus the products you’re currently using. All this helps us create a comprehensive, customized program for skin correction that includes both in-clinic treatments and home care products. 


  • A thorough diagnostic analysis of your skin

  • Clinical visuals, which allow us to see what lies beneath the surface of your skin using our Observ machine

  • Introduction to clinical skin care, with a program tailored just for you



To book your
Advanced Skin Analysis,
please give us a call at
541.609.0435 for availability.