Oncology Esthetics


How does it work?

Oncology treatments will include a gentle cleansing, an appropriate exfoliation, and then a nurturing mask and moisturizer.


What kind of results can I expect?

You’ll notice an improvement with the hydration of your skin and overall complexion. Clients also report a decrease in stress and anxiety, which is one of our primary goals.


How frequently do I need treatments?

Everything is individualized. Your treatment protocol depends on the kind of cancer, the type of medical treatments, how long you’ve been out of treatment, and your experience of side effects. Safety first is the number one rule.


Does it hurt?

No. Quite the contrary: The treatments are soothing and comforting.


Is it safe?

Oncology Esthetics focuses on the individual who needs a gentle, safe, light touch along with an approach to skin care that assists in easing any discomfort your skin endures due to cancer therapy.


What happens after each treatment?

Our individualized treatments help to soothe, hydrate, balance and calm the skin.


Who should get this service?

Newly diagnosed patients, or cancer survivors who are experiencing the common side effects of therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.



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