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A corrective skincare clinic combining the finest in esthetics with the latest in science. Instead of just treating symptoms, licensed estheticians seek to analyze and correct skin concerns.


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Hair Removal


Since waxing can be a sensitive procedure, at Michelle’s we use only the best products. We use a low temperature wax, recognized worldwide for being the finest of its kind. Safety and cleanliness are also of utmost importance. In all waxing treatments, gloves are a must and “double dipping” is a no-no! To us, it’s not just about removing hair, it’s about what we leave behind: soft, healthy skin.


  • Using the most trusted name in professional wax products, we maintain the integrity of skin

  • When applied, this wax is not hot, but very close to skin temperature

  • The process is less sticky and cleaner than traditional waxing with innovative shrink-wrap technology

  • There is a choice of formula variations, so your esthetician will choose what’s suitable for your individual needs

  • Superior anti-irritant ingredients ensure less inflammation


  • Brow Design ~ $25

  • Lip ~ $12

  • Chin ~ $10

  • Nostrils ~ $12

  • Ears - $15

  • Full Face ~ $40

  • Underarms ~ $30

  • Full Arms ~ $35

  • 1/2 Legs ~ $40

  • Full Legs ~ $60

  • Bikini ~ $40

  • Bikini Maintenance (every 4 Weeks) ~ $35

  • Brazilian ~ $65

  • Brazilian Maintenance ~ (every 4 weeks) $60

  • Derriere ~ $60


A safe and simple procedure that uses a surgical blade to gently exfoliate the tired skin cells of the epidermis the surface layer of skin and rid the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  


  • Removes fine vellus hair from your complexion

  • Refines the appearance of pores

  • Allows for greater absorption of skincare products

  • Stimulates circulation so your face acquires a healthy glow


Hair Removal Face $75

Hair Removal Neck $50